Monday, December 8, 2014


Days 73, 74: ran out of stevia-sweetened dark chocolate. Oh, the cravings!

Visited friends in the Bronx Saturday. Got delicious takeout gluten-free (no cheese) pizza. Our friend suggested twice that we all go out for frozen yogurt. I changed the topic... And dodged the social dessert trap!

And we ended up having a great time playing with the kids (5-yr old twin boys- they did my hair!), then (after bedtime), the 2 guys doing Kung fu and 2 gals talking about teaching.

Sunday was a day at home so no major challenges, except my lack of chocolate on hand and my rising anxiety about my oral surgery Monday afternoon... It'll all be over in 14-15 hours.
Oh and started exercise Saturday. Just strength training. That usually goes well with me- I put on muscle pretty easily. She-hulk! Paint me green.

The Singing Patient  
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