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The ANA Test and SLE lupus

The ANA test. It is the antinuclear antibody test. Though it is used to help diagnose someone with lupus, it is not a definitive "lupus test." Read below of an e mail I received from someone who is trying to get a definite lupus diagnosis (a very frustrating place to be), and has put a lot of stock in getting a positive ANA test result (positive ANA test result would go in the "might have lupus" column, but negative ANA result does not rule lupus out). I have added in explanations for all the abbreviations, since I know now everyone who reads this knows the medical lingo.

Dear Carla,

I have been being treated for SLE {lupus}/MTCD {Multiple connective tissue disorder } for about 4 yrs. I've had DVT {deep vein thrombosis}, PAH {Pulmonary arterial hypertension}, spilling protein, Anemia, low white blood cells, low RBC {red blood count}, low hemocrit {iron deficiency}, low vitamin D, high CRP {C-reactive protein, indicates inflammation}, c3/c4 complements {protein linked with immune activity} mildly elevated, high sed rates {indicates inflammation} in the hundreds {that is extremely high}, etc. - all the symptoms you can imagine, but always a negative ANA. 

The entire time I've been on many medications from prednisone, methotrexate, to now placquenil for the last 2-3 years about. My Dr. has ordered another ANA panel. I just want a definite answer. I don't believe any one can cause a ANA positive test but I do believe my medicine probably controls it and my flares. So I want a true diagnosis. Should I stop my medicine before taking this test again? wait till I'm in a bad flare? Is having the test done on one of my bad days enough, or should I sit in the sun as crazy as it sounded? No, I don't want to be sick either! God knows I've suffered enough! But I just want a real answer. It seems to me that I'm tittering and the Dr. is not sure what I have. If doing something will make me ill but give serenity in knowing the truth I need to know, I'm going out of my mind! Thank you for listening and hopefully you can give me some insight.
- name withheld

Hi (name withheld)-
I know how frustrating it is to not have a definite diagnosis.
It took me 2 years of visiting bunches of doctors before I was finally diagnosed with lupus.
I did have positive ANA at the time. But here's the thing about that ANA test. It is not a perfect, specific yes/ no "lupus test."

You can have a positive ANA and *not* have lupus. You can have a negative ANA and yes, have lupus. The fact that there is not one test for lupus is one of the reasons it is so hard to diagnose. Lupus is diagnosed with a combination of tests and symptoms (past and present). One big red flag is inflammation and you certainly seem to have that. You may find this article helpful:

I had severe lupus and have been able to turn it around with diet and lifestyle changes. In fact, my ANA tests are now negative.

I would like to strongly encourage you to NOT try to make yourself sicker so you can get a definite answer. I understand why you want that answer once and for all, but I'm not sure you can get sick enough to get the answers you want.

Whenever I'm being told to go get a test, I always want to know what will change once the results come back? (Some tests are just unnecessary and expensive). What if you go sit in the sun, stop your medications, send yourself into organ failure and your ANA test still comes out negative? And what if it comes out positive? Well best case scenario is now you are very very sick and they still may hesitate to call it lupus. For some reason, they just don't like to hand out that diagnosis. But if they did call it lupus the only thing that would change is your having a label for it. The medications would be exactly the same.

I understand it's frustrating. I truly do. You are not alone. It routinely takes people (mostly women, mostly being told they are crazy or hypochondriacs while they are suffering) 2-5 years to get diagnosed with something like lupus. I was so frustrated by my chasing a diagnosis for 2 years that I just broke down and desperately prayed to God for a correct diagnosis. I was diagnosed the next day.

My suggestions to you (besides trying a desperate plea to God) is to just assume you have lupus, or something autoimmune and serious, or MCTD which is in my opinion lupus by another name. They are treating you for lupus, judging by the drugs they are giving you.

Instead of trying to get sick enough to finally get that answer you deserve, consider turning it around and thinking about how to get healthy again, reclaiming your health and leaving all this medical mess behind you. That may sounds crazy, but it's possible. If you'd like to read a bit about more about what I do to stay healthy, here is my blog

All my best-

Carla Ulbrich

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