Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Positive Addiction

I don't know exactly how to say how happy I am when I'm completely engrossed in music, whether it's writing, recording, rehearsing, performing, editing, attending a great concert. A day spent doing what you love is a day well-spent. And "a day well-spent brings happy sleep." -Leonardo DaVinci

I've  played music from the time I found the pots and pans. I got a xylophone for my first birthday (thank you, Uncle Rod!). I had recorders, a drum, an accordion, a JCPennrey guitar, all before first grade. I've always been drawn to music.

Once I started taking guitar lessons (had to wait til I was 8), I was very committed to practicing. I walked to my lessons, rain or shine, and practiced every day, I started school band as soon as I was old enough, and changed instruments every year, because I practiced so much I got bored.

When my parents bought a piano (I think they got it for my little sister), I added in piano lessons (my guitar teacher only taught beginners, so those lessons were over). At one point, I was juggling practicing 5 instruments (tuba, clarinet, flute, piano, guitar). It wasn't stressful, because I loved practicing. I rigged my double-cassette deck to make quartet recordings with myself. I lost all track of time.

I'd be playing the flute for hours, and my Dad would come downstairs at 2am: "what the is wrong with you! it's 2am! people are trying to sleep!" Oh.

But at some point he mentioned that he had read a book about "positive addiction," and he thought that was what music was for me.

Maybe. There are a number of ways to describe the phenomenon of someone being completely wrapped up in what they're doing: a passion, being in the zone, positive addiction, mental illness...?

Being happy is an important part of being healthy. After all, health is not just about physical health. According to the WHO (World Health Organization),"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." (Even the government has a holistic view of health!)

What do you love to do that makes you lose all track of time?
Are you making enough time in your life for it?

The Singing Patient