Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 17 vlog: Farts and dealing with doctors


Day 16: minor setback

Day 16: stayed on the plan!!

Spent too much time on Facebook. Acting class (much fun).
Numerous emails.

Shoulder discomfort is making a minor comeback as of about 2am. Boo.
I had 15 days in a row being free from this! Dang.
Of course, this may be PMS. This is how it manifests with me. 

Still, there are some "friends" you'd just rather never see again and constant disconfort, an old companion, is one of those.

In other news, I've slimmed my thighs by 2 inches, my waist by 1 inch & my chest by 2 (Joe not as enthused about that last one).

I will keep going. Every journey has little setbacks. I'm sure my iPhone overuse today didn't help matters today.

Screwing up my sleep schedule lately so rather than do a video blog (it usually takes me 30 mins to throw a song together and 30 to get a video because YouTube crashes a lot- then I have to wrestle with my blog website to get it to accept the embed code)... I'm gonna go to bed. Will make a vlog tomorrow!


Day 15 vlog: Farts, Pain, and a song

Day 15: Napalm farts, chronic pain, and a ditty


Day 14: Sleep as a currency

Trading sleep for food (and vice versa), sleep for fun, sleep for work...