Friday, November 28, 2014


Day 64: thanksgiving.
A lovely day of feasting with extended family.

My plan was to have just one (gluten free dairy free) cupcake. Joe was a prince- went down to tulu's bakery in the village when he was in NYC tues and got a dozen cupcakes. This is where he gets my birthday cake every year.

Sugar is not on the plan but I figured one cupcake on thanksgiving would be ok.
I had lots of veggies: broccoli, sweet potatoes, marinated artichokes and cauliflower. Some cornbread, a little mashed potato, bit of turkey. A reasonable meal, ESP. Considering the huge amount of tasty food before us. And just water- had no soda.

A bit later I had my delicious cupcake, as a game of Italian/English scrabble started up at the other end of the table. We sat and talked with joes brother and our nephew and niece. And I sat there so long in front of those cupcakes I caved and had a 2nd one. Tsk tsk!

So... This means... No big deal, that's what. I'm back on the plan tomorrow, that's what it means.
One dietary indiscretion does not mean utter failure, unless I repeat that indiscretion and give up. So- back in the saddle. And I won't sit at the dessert table so long I'm the future. Or at least move the tempting desserts out from directly under my nose. Onward!

The Singing Patient