Monday, November 24, 2014

Reasons I never sleep nude

Day 60:
Reasons I never have and never will sleep nude:
1) mom ripping the covers off me every morning in high school to get me out of bed (I overslept a lot and lost interest in school around 11th grade)
2) 2peeping toms (that I know about)
3) frequent fire alarms in my dorm
4) woke up to a weirdo rubbing on my arm (he had broken into my house)

But most of all:
5) I oversleep on occasion and awake to the doorbell, with a guitar student outside waiting for me. Today I threw a sweatshirt over my top and taught in my pjs. It's good to work from home!
I've been napping and/ or tired a lot lately. But then, I've been burning the candle at both ends - and in the middle. Just way too busy and pulled in far too many directions. I think I'm near the end of a month-long string of overdoing. It is an old, long-standing habit however. Overcommitting.

Regarding my health adventure, Today marks the end of my second "30 days." In other words, 60 days. I would love to make a vlog but - as is the theme of this post… I'm too tired.
Going to bed at a reasonable hour, and perhaps I'll actually be properly dressed for my guitar student by 1:30 PM.
I'll give the vlog a shot tomorrow, I hope. I want to do a proper update so that I can kick off my next 30 days. Yes, I'm going to keep going! I'm feeling so much better I'd be insane to stop.

The Singing Patient