Monday, December 8, 2014

Dental surgery results

I have stitches in my gums after more than 2 hours in the dentist's chair. Rooting around where my wisdom teeth were extracted long ago.

I have long felt that was the day, at age 19, when my health started going downhill. I was in bed for a month.

I had previously gone on long bike rides, marched with a tuba and done back-to-back aerobics records. Sometimes all in 1day. After the wisdom tooth extraction (all 4), When I exerted myself too much, I felt "green," like I was hungover (I wasn't) and needed to barf.

Dr cut open 2 of the sites today and found sclerotic bone (essentially dead bone) and big holes in my jawbone where it didn't heal post-surgery. When he saw those holes, and how huge they were, he said "see? You're not crazy!" I've never had a health professional say that to me before...

I've essentially had a slow-drip bacteria feed from the inside of my gums into my sinuses and beyond all this time.

As I lay there trying not to be fully present, I thought back on the time after the original surgery and connected the dots. Why I now think my body didn't heal from the 1st surgery: the dentist told me with great emphasis that I absolutely must finish my course of antibiotics so I wouldn't get infections. I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics (head-to-toe burning rash), but I kept taking them, for fear of infection. So I stayed in state of severe allergic reaction for 2 weeks. Pretty sure that left my body no resources with which to heal my jawbone.

How ironic. By suffering through severe allergy in order to avoid infection I ended up with... A long-term infection.

I still have to get the 2 sites on my right side done. And I will. But I'm not scheduling it right this second... I barely slept at all last night, dreading this day. That's how convinced I an that the wisdom tooth extraction was the beginning of my serious health problems.

So convinced I will subject myself to something I fear dread and loathe (dental surgery!), and pay for it out of pocket! (Procedure is neither mainstream nor covered by insurance).

Had breakfast and a snack before surgery, but No more food til tomorrow. Can't risk opening up surgery sites. I'm not screwing this up twice!!!

When I got home our dog came up to me on the sofa and sniffed my mouth - no kisses, just sniffing. Then curled up on my feet to comfort me. She's so smart. She and joe watching over me in the "recovery room" (our living room).

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