Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 21: naps, onions, weight "releasing"

Here's the link:

My blog, when I embed the video, deletes the video and then I have to re-embed the video the next day. So I'm going to include the link as well, in case this keeps happening. Computers! Simultaneously amazing and infuriating.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 20: again with the farts? really?

More requests for on-camera farts.
Maybe I've been missing my calling all these years by learning guitar and writing lyrics.
I should have just been going on youtube and farting.
I hear some 22-year-old teacher just quit her job to pursue twerking full-time on youtube.

Anyhow, the plan is still going well, and I am still sticking to it.
My nutrition/detox plan that is.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 19

Day 19: The last of the 4 cleanse days for this month!
And sometimes you just have to have a sleepathon.
And by the way, for those keeping score, I didn't fart today!
(Joe, does that count as not mentioning farts on my blog?)


Day 18 challenges: cold weather, eating out

Today, I did not get enough sleep. (Boo!)
I taught several guitar students. (yay!)
Went to an outdoor marching band competition to see a friend's daughter's band (yay!).
It turned really really cold while we were out. (boo! does not agree with me or my shoulders- had about a half hour of shoulder pain flare up- which is annoying but glad it subsided without the aid of medication). (boo? yay? meh?)

I started this nutrition plan (for health reasons) 18 days ago. The food is very clean (gluten-free, no artificial anything) and super convenient (the 30-day plan involves 2 shakes a day, leaving me to plan just one meal a day).

The one daily meal I do plan needs to be low glycemic (not too many carbs and certainly no dessert!).

Tonight I ate out. Turkey burger. I usually skip the bun but they had gluten free ... So I had the bun. And I ate half the fries. Pretty sure I had too many carbs and fries probably aren't on this plan at ALL but:

1) I otherwise ate very clean today
2) it was not a massive infraction
3) I skipped the cheese :)
4) tempted but did not get the nacho appetizer
5) tomorrow is a new day
6) it's all about the bigger picture (dealing with the current medical issue while developing new habits for the long term).

One day at a time.

Marching on....