Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 35: complacency, vanity

Day 35 on nutrition plan, and still feeling good!
Already hit one of my goals for this 30 days (going 30 days at a time), which was to slim an inch off my waist. I'm only 5 days into this 30 days...

So rather than set another "inches" goal, because I can't really control where/ when/ how my body decides to reshape itself (the first 30 days, my waist stayed the same, but my fanny shrank), I'm just going to set a goal to stay on the plan, and off sugar and carbonation as well (those aren't on the plan.... but they are my biggest saboteurs!).

I ran out of mental energy today, so instead of writing a song about today's thought, I have a song snippet I wrote a week or so ago about the struggle between choosing between surviving and looking good. Ever notice that cancer patients look fine- until they start getting treatment?! Yeah, same with lupus.

Carla Ulbrich
The Singing Patient

Day 34: Day 2 of 2 (cleanse/ detox)

Day 34: cleanse/ fast day #2 (of 2 consecutive).

So this evening, I was talking to a (Jewish) friend on the phone, telling him that I was on my second fast day. he said,"I do that once a year and that's enough."

Yeah, so far none of my friends have responded to the mention of fasting with "oh boy! can I join you? that sounds so fun!"

Well I'm about to go to bed, and when I get up… I eat! (well, not if I get up to pee in the middle of the night. But you know what I mean).

Had a doctors appointment today, and one of the first things she said was "you've lost weight!"

Interestingly, she said she could see it in my face. Which means to me I'm less bloated, because I'm no longer taking narcotics and hardly even taking any ibuprofen either (3 Advil in 34 days, versus taking it once, twice- even three times a day). 

My primary goal in starting this plan was to get healthier. To get my inflammation down. I need to get some new lab tests done to see if indeed I have succeeded in reducing my inflammation, but I do know this – I'm no longer struggling with the constant shoulder discomfort - The beast that is haunted me for 20 years and ruined many a nights' sleep.

Well of course, as soon as I start feeling better, my vanity kicks in, and now I want to drop a few more pounds. it's far more telling to use the tape measure than the scale. so, if I can control myself, I will only pull out the tape measure tomorrow and not step on the scale.

By tomorrow, I mean today, because it's 4 AM.

Cheers and well wishes!