Monday, November 17, 2014

Starting fresh

Day 53: stayed up too late rewriting my talk last night! Which I enjoyed delivering at the Unitarian fellowship in Clemson.

Had lunch at western sizzler (salad bar... And 2 teaspoons of soft serve "ice cream"- or whatever that stuff is). Mom, dad, me, joe. Place hasn't changed one bit since they opened (1982?). Had to grab a paper butter lid out of my dad's mouth. He was trying to eat it!

I haven't been eating anything quite that bad for me but I did have a few corn chips with dinner and done chocolate. I had a major craving today, probably because i was tired.

tried to nap, but I guess I had too much caffeine in me.

So I bought this alkaline water to try to restore a bit of balance to my system since I've been having dabs of junk here and there. Looks like I can sleep without the help of Advil tonight.

When I get home I am starting fresh! Back 100% sticking to the plan. Joe may even join me for a week. I need some support since the travel has been a challenge and I kind of feel like I'm in the "saggy" part of a long bike ride/ run. Just slogging along but not doing a great job with my plan. Not awful, just not great. Need a cleanse day or 2!

Stayed up too late watching tv and facebooking. I will behave when I get back home!!
Peace out

The Singing Patient