Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rated PG 13?

OK I admit it. I'm a wimp.
These days I can barely sit through a PG 13 movie without getting freaked out by the violence. It's a weird double-standard, too. I mean, show a naked boobie and it's rated R. Show someone stabbing a naked boobie? Oh, that's OK. Rated PG.
What on earth are we teaching our kids- and society?

I don't have any kids, but I need to protect my own psyche!
I have literally run out of the theater because the movie was so violent it freaked me out. Once, a friend brought me to a movie called "mimic"- science fiction, about genetic engineering, he said. "Oh it sounds smart." It was about COCKROACHES! I looked at him about halfway through and said "Are you enjoying this?" He goes "YEAH!" "Well," i said, "meet you in the lobby."

Thankfully, there are some resources out there now where you can find out ahead of time what you're in for at the movies before you go. Like Movie Mom:
Check here before going to the movies for warnings on violence, etc.: