Monday, December 30, 2013

Eating Gluten Free ... and politics?

The other day, I posted this status on facebook:
"Ok, everyone was right. Chicken lettuce wraps are amazing! And available gluten free! I'm stuffed!!! — at P.F. Chang's China Bistro."
Somehow, it turned into a "Obama=Osama, unaffordable care act, global warming is a hoax" debate. Not only am I not making this up, I'm not even exaggerating. I have, however, summarized people's posts, in order to cut this post from 10 pages down to 1 or 2.

Of course, like all threads, this one could (and might) go on forever, but as far as I know, we managed to get back on topic without anyone having to "unfriend" anyone. And maybe some of us learned a few things. For example, I did not know some mayonnaise has gluten. Or that there were so many potential spellings for gluten.

Summary of conversation thus far:
    • - (me) PF Chang's makes delicious chicken lettuce wraps!
      - I can get you the recipe!
      - (me) great! thanks! 

      I then went offline for the evening and came back to this the next day (I didn't chime in until the end):

      - Chang's screws up GF orders
      - no they don't
      - not all mayonnaise is gluten-free
      - what is gluton?(sic) I think glutten (sic) allergy is a hoax, just like Santa and global warming
      - not it's not
      - untreated celiac disease is an underlying issue for many other diseases
      - I don't believe you, because my neighbor wouldn't drink my homemade beer, claiming he was allergic to yeast. I think it was just an excuse to be antisocial.
      - maybe they really are allergic to yeast. Lots of people are.
      - i was trying to be funny
      - really?
      - prove global warming is a hoax and the free market is actually free
      - liberals, Obama, Osama, unaffordable care act, Al Gore is a fat liar. I hope this has helped.
      - WTF does this have to do with PF Chang's gluten free lettuce wraps?
      -(me) How did my comment about a delicious meal turn into a political debate about global warming?

      - (me) I eat gluten = joint pain and swelling. Dairy = tendons seize up. Avoid those foods, avoid those problems. I wish it were a hoax, then I could eat whatever I want. Choosing to not believe something doesn't make it untrue.

      - I'm glad you got a meal you enjoyed. Eating out is tough when you're gluten-free.

      - There is a good point made by Carla here, Know your own body and what works for it. My point was don't just believe something because people talk about it. And the Chicken Lettice (sic) wrap does sound good! I'd still like it wrapped in bacon and a Hoagie.  (note: this is the guy who said he doesn't believe in Santa, global warming, or yeast allergies. Perhaps I should send him some bacon).

      Clearly there is no issue you can post about that someone can't turn political. Not even "Hey, wasn't dinner great?" But if you're lucky, one of your friends will point out that we're way off-topic.

      Meanwhile, I refuse to back down from my assertion that my meal was, in fact, delicious.

      Carla Ulbrich