Tuesday, June 5, 2012

guest post: helpful tips on living with lupus

Today we have a guest post from author and lupus veteran (26 years and counting!) Mida Giragosian. I'm always interested in the insights of people who have lived with lupus (or any disease) for a long time. 26 years with a chronic illness will most certainly teach you something.

Here is her post:

Hi, my name is Mida Giragosian.

I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 21, and now I’m 47. Yes, I had a lot of life-changing problems in between those years, but now I look, feel, and sound better. We can all help each other get through hard times. I lived by these tips:

·      Live by FAITH, one day at a time

·      Write down things that make you happy. The list can motivate you every time you look at it

·      Always dress up as if you’re going to a party. If you look good, you feel good
More tips can be found in my book, but it is most important to wake up every day and to remind yourself: I WILL OVERCOME. Remember that everyday is a blessing, and that your disease does not define YOU!

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What are your thoughts on these tips? And if you were to boil down your own lupus/ wellness wisdom to a few sentences, what advice you would give to other people dealing with lupus? What helpful tips would you offer them?

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