Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What is Lupus?

Found this great infographic to share with you. May is lupus awareness month, and I have been planning to write a series of posts addressing the most commonly asked questions about lupus "What is lupus?" "What are the symptoms of lupus?" "Is lupus genetic?" "Is lupus contagious?" etc... Well, this infographic answers quite a few of the most common questions. But not all of them, so I still have something to write about. Meanwhile, here's a quick guide to lupus for those whose only knowledge of lupus is that "it's never lupus."

Lupus Infographic
Lupus Infographic infographic by manro

They need to work Toni Braxton into the "celebrities" section, because she has been very open about her lupus, and that is risky for someone who is still actively pursuing a career in entertainment.

What else would you want to be included on this infographic? 

Carla Ulbrich
PS Just learned that there is a new updated infographic from these same folkswith lots of new info on it:

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