Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flint, MI Water, hope for lead poisoning victims

Flint, Michigan's lead-tainted municipal water is big news. And it should be.
For over a year, government officials knowingly poisoned the people they suppoedly represent by supplying them with lead-contiminated water.

According to moveon.org, "General Motors had announced in October 2014—six months after Flint started getting its water from the Flint River—that it would no longer use the water because it was corroding its equipment. Imagine what it was doing to people's bodies."

That's pretty despicable. Immoral. And, I hope, Illegal.
And I really hope they are rectifying it immediately, by supplying these people with clean water.

As to the future of these citizens, here's where I disagree with the majority of people writing about this.

According to activist and filmmaker Michael Moore,

"The children of Flint, already among the poorest in the United States, will now have to endure a life of pain, irreversible brain damage, and lower IQs because of Gov. Snyder's actions and the ensuing cover-up.

Justice must be served—and other elected officials must be put on notice that people's lives are more important than balancing a budget."

I agree with this statement: Justice must be served.
However, I disagree with the notion that lead poisoning is irreversible.
It is not.
Last century, a number of our military personnel were poisoned with lead when painting battleships (the paint contained lead and they inhaled lead-laden fumes while working).

In the wake of this, modern medicine discovered/ created "chelation therapy," an IV treatment that, at least in adults, is very safe.

I personally have had chelation therapy twice. Twice, meaning 15 treatments in 1994, and 20 or so treatments in 2002. In my case, my system was found (through blood and hair samples) to contain lead and nickel the first time, and arsenic and nickel the second time. These heavy metals were removed from my system via chelation therapy. My kidney function went back to 100%, after I was told they would fail within 5 years.

*Chelation therapy was invented to treat lead poisoning, and it is very effective.*
Children do not have to settle for a lower quality of life because they've been poisoned; this poison can be cleared from their systems.

(Of course, first they need to stop being poisoned by the water they are drinking, cooking, and bathing in).

There are cheaper ways to clear heavy metals from the system, and they do not involve long hours sitting in a chair attached to an IV drip. For example:

chlorella for metal poisoning

I support those activists fighting to get clean water and restitution to these people, but true restitution means getting them their health back. And that can be done.
Look for solutions, always, Do not remain a victim if there is another choice. And in this case there is another choice; lead can be removed from the body.

I do not sell chlorella or chelation therapy and have zero financial interest in Chlorella or chelation therapy. I just fell it's really important to let people know they do have the power to heal, despite what they may be told.

And if we are going to fight for these people, let's go all the way and fight for them to get clean water AND get their healthy children back. And the Governor can pay for these treatments. It really is the least he can do.

Carla Ulbrich