Monday, November 25, 2013

Are Ya Havin Any Fun?

What's one of the best things you can do for your immune system?
Once a week, have FUN with friends!
Yeah, fun is GOOD for you. I hope knowing that doesn't take the fun out of fun for you...

Having fun optimizes your immune system for 3 days afterwards. And if you have fun scheduled ahead of time, it also optimizes your immune system for the 3 days before the event!
Optimize? What does that mean?

Those of us with autoimmune diseases run away from anything that might BOOST our immune system. That is the last thing we want, is for our immune system to be MORE active. Autoimmune conditions, by definition, are defined by the patient's immune system attacking their own healthy tissues. And all medical treatment (drugs) is aimed at suppressing the immune system, in order to save our tissues and vital organs from attack. The last thing we want to do is rev it up.

But what we have learned about fun (and laughter as well) is that is *optimizes* the immune system. If it's to revved up, it brings it back towards normal. It it's too depressed (such as with a cold, flu, or AIDS), it brings it up closer to normal.

Now I know we think- ugh. fun. I'm too tired to go to Disneyland. Uh, yeah, me too. Even when I'm feeling fine, that idea wears me out. That degree of effort is not necessary in order to have fun.

I'm happy just sitting with my uke making up ridiculous songs and singing them to my husband, or a fellow funny person on skype. Or sitting around the dinner table with a bunch of old friends talking about anything at all, totally unplanned. Or putting a fake poop in someone's shower and waiting for them to see it. Or sitting with a fellow songwriter or comedian writing songs or jokes. Or doing madlibs with my nieces. Or karaoke. Thrift shopping or yard sale-ing with a friend (one who also likes thrifting). Or going dancing. Or putting on great music in my living room and dancing like an idiot.

How 'bout you?
What's your idea of fun?
Share it in the comment section!


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