Sunday, November 23, 2014

Still finding the right balance

Day 59: whew! Tired when I woke up. 2-day cleanse has that effect.

Taught guitar lessons then got ready for gig in Westfield, opening for David Roth.

Had to caffeine up during the day to be up to par. Even had a few pieces of chocolate (with sugar!) at the show. I can see how performers of days past ended up on uppers (for shows) and downers (to sleep). It's easy to just pop something when you're not feeling up to the gig.

Part of the reason I cut back on my traveling/touring was that it is nearly impossible to go at that rate I used to go and stay healthy. But If i don't gig enough, I start forgetting lyrics and don't have enough chance to work in all my new ideas. Still finding the right balance.

As to my current nutritional cleanse project: Was discouraged to see my measurements did not change post-cleanse. Usually a 2-day cleanse can slim some part of me by as much as an inch. But then aunt flow is here, so there's that. Gotta keep the big picture in focus: health! That's why I started this plan.

Tomorrow marks day 60, or "the end of day 30, volume 2." Hopefully I will be up to making a vlog. It's been a while!

The Singing Patient  

Cleanse Day 2... stay occupied!

Day 58: 2nd day of 2-day cleanse. The key is to stay occupied... (And remind joe not to ask me if I want to eat out tonight!)

Just walked into the hair salon to see about getting my hair done. They don't have any open spots. In a way that is fine – it smells so full of chemicals in there that when I go back I'm going to wear a gas mask!

Meanwhile I'm going to go get a massage tonight as I had promised myself. I decided to reward myself for doing a two day cleanse by getting a massage. Happily it also serves as part of the detox process. So I can luxuriate and feel like I'm doing something good for myself.  

The Singing Patient