Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Primary Food

Do you ever wonder why some people can just eat junk food and sugar, and smoke cigars, and still be healthy? It hardly seems fair. And then you meet some people who are super-careful with everything they eat and they seem so miserable and look pale and weak.

Often when we see something like this we chalk it up to genetics or good luck, but there is one factor that can’t be overlooked, and that factor is referred to by Joshua Rosenthal (head of the school Institute for Integrative Nutrition) as Primary Food.

Primary food... what does that mean? It means your work, your relationships, the fun you have, how meaningful your life is in general, and how much you are enjoying it.

It seems that how happy you are with your life may be even more important than what you put in your mouth, as far as determining how healthy you are.

Think about it... the times you’ve been in love, or consumed by joyful work, such as making music, or doing art, or anything creative- you forgot all about food, didn’t you? And yet you felt great.

My acupuncturist once said to me that you send little “live” and “die” messages from your brain to your body all day long. So it’s really important that you have something to live for. Not just something to *not die* for (people need me at work and at home) but something to *live* for (I can’t wait to start on that project, or go camping with my kids, etc.).

So that, my friends is why I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for the last 3 weeks. I decided to fill up on some primary food, because my life was getting out of balance. Too much grunt work at the computer (zillions of e mails, networking, book promo, etc.) and not enough joy.

I decided to go back to this awesome music camp in New Mexico where I taught during the summer 1999-2004 and have myself a week of fun, sun, mountains, stars, great kids, awesome fellowship with other teachers and music, music, music. I’m pooped, my clothes are covered in camp dust, and I had a blast. I feel full.

So... primary food! What brings you joy? Who are the meaningful relationships in your life, and are you getting enough time with those people? Can you schedule more Vitamin F (fun) into your week? Tell me about your primary food-  who in your life fills you up, what you like to do that makes you feel alive and happy to the core, and so on.