Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 19

Day 19: The last of the 4 cleanse days for this month!
And sometimes you just have to have a sleepathon.
And by the way, for those keeping score, I didn't fart today!
(Joe, does that count as not mentioning farts on my blog?)


Day 18 challenges: cold weather, eating out

Today, I did not get enough sleep. (Boo!)
I taught several guitar students. (yay!)
Went to an outdoor marching band competition to see a friend's daughter's band (yay!).
It turned really really cold while we were out. (boo! does not agree with me or my shoulders- had about a half hour of shoulder pain flare up- which is annoying but glad it subsided without the aid of medication). (boo? yay? meh?)

I started this nutrition plan (for health reasons) 18 days ago. The food is very clean (gluten-free, no artificial anything) and super convenient (the 30-day plan involves 2 shakes a day, leaving me to plan just one meal a day).

The one daily meal I do plan needs to be low glycemic (not too many carbs and certainly no dessert!).

Tonight I ate out. Turkey burger. I usually skip the bun but they had gluten free ... So I had the bun. And I ate half the fries. Pretty sure I had too many carbs and fries probably aren't on this plan at ALL but:

1) I otherwise ate very clean today
2) it was not a massive infraction
3) I skipped the cheese :)
4) tempted but did not get the nacho appetizer
5) tomorrow is a new day
6) it's all about the bigger picture (dealing with the current medical issue while developing new habits for the long term).

One day at a time.

Marching on....