Friday, November 21, 2014

Cleanse day!

AUGH! It's day 57! So I'm having a cleanse day.
Wow, my 2nd 30 days is going by so fast.

The plan is to get in 4 cleanse days per 30 days.
I got in my first 2 cleanse days pretty early on in this 2nd 30-day installment of "carla's health adventures" (subtitle: I hate cellcept and will do anything to avoid it).

Then I went off on my 10-day trip down South, and did my best to stay on the plan while traveling. I did pretty well.

Now I'm back and- whoops! It's day 57 and I gotta squeeze in 2 more cleanse days between now and Sunday. So today is cleanse day 3 of 4, and I guess tomorrow will be 4 of 4, because I'm gigging saturday and going to NYC to tape a fun 20-minute musical. Don't want to do either of those on an empty stomach.

5 minutes ago, Joe turns to me and says "Moe's for dinner?" to which I replied "I'M FASTING!" This is the second time he's done that. In his defense, he just had a 2-hour nap.

I think next week, Joe is going to do the nutrition plan with me for a week, as a show of support. I could use a little morale boost, having someone else on board.

and in the TMI department, i had to take an advil twice this week because my shoulder was bothering me. I've had chronic shoulder pain for 20 years, and it has mostly disappeared since starting this plan- so I was disappointed when it showed up this week.... UNTIL my monthly visitor showed up! Normally my PMS is so bad I have to take 2 percocet and sleep sitting up.

So- now I see this past couple days' mild discomfort not as a setback but as a huge improvement over my typical PMS experience. YAY!

Well it's only 9pm, so I still have a few more hours to get through before I've officially survived his cleanse day, but Moe's closes in 15 minutes so I think I'll make it.

The Singing Patient