Monday, March 15, 2010

supplements without fillers

The latest addition to my collection of daily "stuff " i'm taking is MSM.
I started taking MSM, which I bought in pill form at the drug store, a month or 2 ago after reading "curing your lupus naturally" (an e book). Then I read elswhere that it was really important ot get *pure* MSM, because MSM is a detoxifier; it absorbs toxins. So if the MSM you buy is not pure, it's going to be saturated with the fillers that are used with it.
So I went on the hunt for a place where i could get MSM that had nothing but MSM in it.

Its a powder, and can i say it tastes disgusting, like I might imagine liquified prednisone to taste, but at least MSM doesn't make me bloat, stay up all night and go into raging scream fits.

And here's my favorite thing about MSM: it kills yeast!! yay! (prednisone proliferates yeast).

I also went toa more pure form of DHEA. I was buying pill form of that, and heard it was far less effective, perhaps not effective at all. And I have since used the DHEA to squelch sudden pains like a jammed toe. Surprisngly effective.

Nutshell: worth the extra $ to get the best form of supplements and herbs.