Sunday, December 14, 2014

I think my gums are infected

Day 80:
Staying up too late again this week. Sleeping super late post-surgery threw off schedule.
Got up, taught a couple lessons then went to a music party where I was regaled with a new and improved version of my parody of "little brown jug"-hilarious! Several new verses.

Then halfway through the party my mouth really started hurting. Tried 1/2 Percocet- not enough. So had the other half. And weirdly I got sleepy. Usually Percocet revs me up.

Put a call in to the dentist. Will see what he wants to do and when... Meanwhile I'm literally sucking on an onion hoping it'll kill some cooties.

So for all you kids in elementary school yes my face hurts and I'm already sucking an onion. No room for a rotten egg.

Going to bed! This too shall get resolved. I've survived much worse.

The Singing Patient