Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Things Jar

It's only January 5, so we're not too far into the year, and really it's never too late to start something good. So I thought I'd share a nice idea that's been going around the internet this past week: a "good things" (or "happy things") jar.

Take any clean empty jar with a lid- mason jar, spaghetti sauce jar.
Each day, write on a slip of a paper and put in the jar any of these kinds of things:
- something that made you smile today
- something that made you laugh out loud today
- an accomplishment
- a compliment someone gave you
- anything else good you want to put in there (ideas? comment below!)

It's kind of the reverse of resolutions. It's appreciation.
The remarkable thing about appreication and gratitude, is that the more gratitude you show, the more you have to be grateful for.  The Law of Attraction would say it's partly your growing awareness, and it's also the kind of energy you attract when you are grateful. You begin to attract more good things as you are in a the kind of similar state of being. Like attracts like.

Regardless of whether you believe in the law of attraction, or whether you think it's a bunch of hooey, what a treat it will be to open the jar on December 31 and relive each joy in your "good things" jar.

I just started my jar, and I plan to put in both big and small things, like finding out yesterday that my book has been translated and published in Thailand... and getting a warm fuzzy e mail from my cousin. I haven't decorated my jar yet, and I may not even get around to doing so. But I do plan to put at least one new and good thing in it every day.

Who else is up for starting a good things jar?


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