Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 31: the visitor has returned

I was on a conference call the other day (group call where we discuss how we're doing on the nutrition plan) and they got to me and I, forgetting/ not caring there were strangers and dudes on the call,, said, well, I got my period!

Thing is, for me, with lupus, having my period in a normal fashion is a good thing. If it disappears, I'm in trouble, and if it comes back and stays for 6 solid weeks, obviously I'm also in trouble. Been in both those scenarios more than once. So, when it's close to normal, even though I don't *enjoy* it, I'm kind of relieved, perhaps even a tad grateful.

Well, maybe you weren't on the call, but there's no reason you all can't experience a tad of "What is wrong with you, Carla?'" to! Here's today's vlog and song:


Day 30! Functional Medicine

30 days at a time, this plan. And this marks the end of my first 30 days!

Recap of what's happened in the last 30 days:

- vastly reduced shoulder discomfort
- 3.5 pounds gone (with no exercise)
- 3 inches off hips!
- stopped caffeine without trying
- better sleep
- impoved energy
-numerous ridiculous songs :)
plan for the next 30 days:
drop another 1-2 inches from hips or waist
start exercising again: experiment! (tap?)
set up dental procedure
write more ridiculous songs

long-term goals:
feel great every day
hit my ideal weight and stabilize there
have the energy to do whatever i decide to do
remain a ridiculous person
write even more ridiculous songs
help anyone who asks

Also, I talk a bit about functional medicine, alternative medicine, looking for the root cause of illness.

See you next time- Carla