Monday, March 19, 2012

Food Allergies Part One

A long time ago, I read a chapter in a big gray booked simply titled "Alternative Medicine."
It's a fantastic book; it has info on all kinds of ailments and their suggested methods of alternative (non-pharmaceutical) treatments listed for each.

Of course, I turned right to the chapter (well, page) on lupus. One thing that jumped out at me was the claim that 100% of lupus patients have food allergies. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT? That makes the odds of my having food allergies, well, 100%.

So how was I going to find out what my food allergies were?
I did some poking around, in slow motion. reading and phone calls- this was 1994, so there was no internet to speak of. And I lived in South Carolina- not the bastion of progressive thought. What takes you 10 minutes to find information on nowadays took me weeks and persistence in 1994, if I could find anything at all.

I ended up getting an ELISA blood test from an MD who did complementary medicine. That's what we were calling it in 1994. You could also call it integrative, alternative, holistic, or functional medicine. Or, if you're really closed-minded, or enjoy being and staying sick, or have all your money invested in pharmaceuticals, you call it quackery.

There are a lot of opinions out there about food allergies, and they all contradict each other. (Why should any information that could be so helpful be straightforward and simple?). Over this series of posts (I don't know how many there will be yet!), I'll explore food allergy symptoms, most common food allergies, conflicting opinions on food allergies, and methods of testing for food allergies. The perhaps  I'll reveal my own food allergies in case you want to bake me something toxic in an effort to bring about my early demise.

Stay tuned, healthy people- and all of you who are on the journey to reclaiming your health.


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