Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bored therefore braver!

Day 77:

My face hurts. (I know, it hurts you to look at it. Yuk yuk). Since eating is an unpleasant task, I decided to make this a cleanse day (a day involving very little food).

I aimed low today and missed (still didn't finish my to-do list for the day). But I'm up and around.
Even took the dog for a walk. Well, She saw the snow and decided we weren't going for a walk, but still- it counts. I got her and myself dressed and out the door.

She's only 6-7 pounds and this is our first snow this season. As winter persists, she'll get bored and therefore braver. That's my MO: bored therefore braver! Well one of my MOs.

Stuck to the plan. Might graduate to the bed tonight. Was awfully noisy down here this morning- leafblowers (during snow flurries- odd), doorbell numerous times. And I miss my blackout curtains and white noise machine. Think I'm past danger of hemmorhage.

Have song idea. Need to finish and make vlog!

The Singing Patient  
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