Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 78: 3 pounds slimmer!

Day 78:

3 pounds slimmer!
Total so far: 9.5 slimmer.
6 lbs to goal weight!
Of course the real goal is HEALTH!

I've been skinny, I've been fat, and I've been healthy and skinny, sick and skinny, sick and fat, getting by and fat (my definition of fat = 25 pounds over my ideal weight. Which I think does put me in the "mildly obese" category. but let's forget numbers for now...).

My purpose, which must not be forgotten (most especially by me), in starting this new phase of my Health Quest, was to get truly healthy. To be free of chronic pain, to have energy and to be able to focus mentally on work and go do fun things socially.

My mouth is healing (it was really itchy last night), It's still kinda of unpleasant to eat. But eat I must. I have a light teaching/ gigging schedule this week, which allows me to pace myself so I can heal properly this time. I really don't want to have anyone cut these gums open a 3rd time.
Slept in the bed in a "pile" with Joe and Easy last night (and my blackout curtains and white noise machine). LUXURY!

Following up with dentist on Tuesday. Hoping for a good report. Then I guess we'll talk about when we're going to work on the right side of my mouth. Oy... I CAN DO THIS!

(But first, a breather...)
Cheers my lovelies-

The Singing Patient  
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