Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Days 25 and 26: a gig day, another long Sunday nap

Days 25 & 26
Catching up on posts!
Forgot to post this here on the actual days. I posted it on facebook at the time.


Day 25 was a gig day. Fun house concert in glenside,pa.
Tried out a bunch of new tunes.
Also a teaching days. Had 2.5 hours teaching early in the day.

Did not sleep well because I didn't think my discomfort required any pills. Wrong call! Woke up tired.

Had to take an Advil in the afternoon. Not sure why the shoulders are irritated, but they've been doing more of that lately and that's disappointing. Still better than before I started the plan but I was enjoying being free from it altogether!

Then had an e-shot (caffeine, vitamins) to fuel me through the show, plus a tasty salad at ken and donnas. Stayed totally on the plan!

Got back late, after 1am. In bed late, after more Advil. 


Day 25

Weighed myself : steady at 3.5 pounds gone so far.
Measured self: 2.75 inches off upper thighs! 

The rest of me has not changed much in measurements. 
Fortunately it's shrinking where I had the most flab to spare!

Another couple inches and maybe I'll post some before/ after pics.

Taught 1.5 hours and then took a 4- hour nap. Seems to be becoming a Sunday routine. Get up early 2-3 days in a row, crash Sunday afternoon.

Got up at 5:30pm, went to NYC w Joe for lovely dinner with classmate from college- great food, great company! Reminiscing about the old days as music majors at Brevard college.

I went off the plan just a bit- had some dessert :0
Shared with Joe. (Flourless chocolate cake). Yum. Ok, back to the plan tomorrow!

And hopefully back to the vlog, with songs, now that I'm done rehearsing for this past gig.

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