Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 27: wore myself out, still working on sleep schedule

Day 27!
Pretty much a textbook day on the plan. Did have about seven or eight corn chips with my delicious "salad with smoked salmon on top" dinner but otherwise totally on plan.

Funny how much saltier salty things taste after you get used to not having them. Same with sweet stuff.
my stevia-sweetened dark chocolate arrived today in the mail. It's quite tasty.

Started the day with my most excellent songwriting student. Always a pleasure. Then dove into phone calls, emails, other online stuff.

Walked the dog. The official beginning of dog sweater season! (Don't laugh – my dog has thin fur and she's only 6 pounds.)

Spent some time sorting my lyrics-in -progress/ completed songs.

Then the dreaded "booking a plane ticket and rental car online" process. that just takes too much energy.

An hour-long conference call that was actually just a monologue. An hour-long lecture. My ADD was screaming!!!

Late dinner, chat with Joe. Next thing you know it's midnight and I tried to work on a lyric for tonight's vlog but I'm so tired I just can't even think straight. I never really took a break all day. Must do a better job of pacing myself!

So ... looks like I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour. Don't bother telling anyone – they either won't believe it or they'll think I'm deathly ill. Which I'm not. Thankfully.

Hopefully I will make a vlog (with song) tomorrow!

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