Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 45: Still going strong!

Week 7, day 3 ( day 15 of "2nd 30 days," aka day 45):

At the end of my first 30 days (oct 24), I set some goals for my 2nd 30 days:
• 1-2 inches off waist or hips (done! 2inches off waist since original day 30!)
• continue writing ridiculous songs (aim to vlog 4x/week) (doing)
• set up dental procedure (it's set up!)
•experiment with exercise (yet to do- but headed to SC and expecting some nice days where I can go for walks. perhaps even jog a bit- we shall see!)

I also have 2 cleanse days to work into my schedule before my next day 30 (day 60) mark.

My skin is clear, I'm free of shoulder problems, I'm sleeping well, and I have much more energy. Every reason in the world to keep going! Just have to never get complacent/ lazy about my health. It's too easy to get unhealthy again.

The Singing Patient
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