Friday, October 3, 2014

Days 8: ADD kinda day, but stayed on the plan

Day 8:

I woke up feeling NOT tired for the first time in a very long time!
Still not in pain, as well!

Had a really long lunch with a new linkedin acquaintance, then sort of scattered my energy in somewhat useless directions. Just very ADD. It's rare to have energy so I'm sad I squandered it.
I didn't even manage to do a vlog, though I had a parody in mind:
A beatles song:
"it's day 8
 and I ate
 just what I'm s'posed to so let's talk of something else besides the things I'm eating..."

If you know the beatles well, you can tell me what the title of the original song is. I can't seem to dredge it from memory.

Memory... I remember when I had a useful memory. Actually, no I don't.
I recently read that congition is impaired when you have lupus (or any active autoimmune disease). My reaction was "uh, DUH, everything's impaired. The body has to use whatever resources is has to keep vital organs running while simultaneously attacking them. It's hard work. Just ask our government about Iraq. Destroy, rebuild, repeat.

One of my favorite things about this plan is that is is kind of a no-brainer. It doesn't matter if I have a crap memory, or ADD, or both. I posted the daily plan on the fridge, and now I just go see what the next snack/ meal/ supplement is and have it.

2 of my 3 meals per day for the first 30 days are shakes. Meaning I just pour some vegan protein powder in my magic bullet blender with water and ice, and that's my meal. No big decision making, no real prep time, and almost no dishes (1 plastic cup- I clean the base right after I finish blending).

I've never been much of a cook, and not even a fan of food. Unless it's junk (chips, candy, soda- none of which are actually food. I call them "anti-foods" because they take more from your body than they give it. So I don't mind not cooking. The 3rd meal could be cooked but for now I'm just making a big salad and putting snoked salmon or something like that on top.

I have to say though, once you wean your taste buds off the overstimulation of too much salt/ sugar/ additives/ artificial sweeteners, simple foods and healthy foods taste better. I'm starting to really enjoy the berry-flavored shakes (made of actual berry powders).

See you next post!


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