Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 9

At times over these last 22 years of dealing with lupus, I've had to choose between my health and my vanity. Even facing death, I've been like " but my hair.. i don't want to lose my hair! And I don't want to gain 50 pounds from the drugs!"

It sounds petty and ridiculous to someone who hasn't been there. But believe me when those are your 2 options- look like hell or die- some of us have to actually ponder the choices before agreeing to looking like poo. Let's see- Death or death warmed over? is that really the best you got?

So that's why all these 22 years I've been looking for those 3rd options in alternative medicine and lifestyle change. And I've had successes. I just tend to forget, after I get off the drugs and get well and get on with my life, to maintain some sort of sustainable regimen (it's regimen, not regime! A regime is a political power- but I digress).

Anyhow I hope this plan continues to keep me pain-free (as it has for 9 straight days!) and is something I can stick with long term. I also deeply hope that it lowers my unacceptably high inflammation and brings my kidneys back to normal.

And here's today's ridiculous song.

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