Saturday, November 28, 2015

Recovering Crapatarian on eating well

I've mentioned this before. I am a recovering Crapatarian.
I grew up hating food, unless it was junk (salt, sugar, fizz).

I've been working on breaking the junk food habit, along with the "foods I'm allergic to" habit for my entire adult life.

I have tried every kind of diet: candida diet, gluten-free, raw foods, calorie counting. Some of them worked, but I never lasted very long on any of them. I have finally found a system that helps me keep my eating clean. And it has had a HUGE impact on my well-being. I didn't want to mention it until I'd actually managed to stick with it. I've been on this plan since last September, and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

I feel great, and I look great (if I do say so myself!). I'm off the pain meds! I'm on zero immune suppressants. And I am in remission. I've had 3 very serious flares (strokes, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, anemia, pleurisy, extreme weight loss- and then of course the extreme prednisone weight gain!), so I hesitate to say I'm "cured." Because frankly, all I have to do is start eating junk food and foods I'm allergic to and I'll get sick again.

I wanted to share some pictures of me last year and this year. I've received so many compliments lately that I had to go back and see for myself what I looked like a year ago. Hair, skin, eyes- not to mention 15 pounds lighter - with no exercise! (I did start exercising after I dropped the weight, because I finally had the energy).

It's possible to kick old habits! It's possible to get better! It's possible to feel great again. I still have a couple things to work out (I take sleep meds and they cause memory problems, and I have ADD- but those are old problems, and I will tackle them next!)... but I feel like I finally have my life back!
PS If you're interested in the nutrition plan, let me know. E mail me at  !

summer 2014

summer 2015

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