Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Survey for SLE patients with lupus nephritis (kidney involvement)

A small pharmaceutical company from Canada is developing an investigational drug for the treatment of lupus nephritis, and is conducting this study to demonstrate its efficacy and safety when taken orally twice daily when compared to placebo.  The study will last about twelve months and consist of about 13 visits to the study clinic during that time.

Volunteers who participate may or may not benefit from taking the study drug, but will be contributing to research that may well help those suffering from lupus nephritis in the future. Also, they will have more tests and clinic assessments through the study than they would normally have in the course of their treatment, which may allow their own doctors to more thoroughly assess their condition.

If you’d like to take a look at the study website, it’s located at   This page also has the pre-qualification questionnaire that will help volunteers know if the study is a good fit for them.

As with any research study, your private medical information will be assiduously protected if you choose to participate in the study.
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