Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 35: complacency, vanity

Day 35 on nutrition plan, and still feeling good!
Already hit one of my goals for this 30 days (going 30 days at a time), which was to slim an inch off my waist. I'm only 5 days into this 30 days...

So rather than set another "inches" goal, because I can't really control where/ when/ how my body decides to reshape itself (the first 30 days, my waist stayed the same, but my fanny shrank), I'm just going to set a goal to stay on the plan, and off sugar and carbonation as well (those aren't on the plan.... but they are my biggest saboteurs!).

I ran out of mental energy today, so instead of writing a song about today's thought, I have a song snippet I wrote a week or so ago about the struggle between choosing between surviving and looking good. Ever notice that cancer patients look fine- until they start getting treatment?! Yeah, same with lupus.

Carla Ulbrich
The Singing Patient
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