Thursday, December 4, 2014

Perfect day on the plan

Day 70: as inexplicably as I gained 3 pounds, I dropped 2.5. O scale, thou art a mystery wrapped in a conundrum.

Think I wore myself out yesterday. Got close to nothing done today.
However I had a nice lunch with my visiting pal and fellow musician Amy Engelhardt and she is on my couch as I type and we all get ready for "sleepy sleep" (as we explain it to our dog).

Perfect day on the plan.
Tomorrow I get a massage
Yesterday and today I needed no pain meds.

I have a song idea for the vlog but just no get up and go today to work on it. I do believe I borrowed today's energy yesterday.

Was totally worth it. Taped an interesting songwriter internet show (comes out next week) and did a live streaming concert with the fun and funny Todd Chappelle, both in Pennsylvania, involving lots of driving in gross weather in the dark. So I doubled up on caffeine - and today I pay.

That's ok. As I heal, I have days where I feel normal - as in, like a normal person! Waking up rested, not needing caffeine, feeling focused. Not lots of them, but enough to know I'm on a good path.
And so, I keep going!

The Singing Patient  
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