Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Travel day!

Day 54 (yesterday): travel day. Sat next to a pharmacist on the plane- he works with cancer patient groups! I perform for patient groups. Serendipity?

I was tired a lot over the last week. Spreading myself a bit thin, trying to see everyone and flipping back and forth between doing my regular comedy shows (which I am constantly honing) and giving Sunday morning messages ("sermon," which I am constantly honing).

Had 2 1/2 hour drive then lots of long schleps with luggage around the sprawling Atlanta airport. Flight delay, flight delay. No big deal. But man was I craving chocolate!!!

I staved off my craving all day but caved when I got home. Then I had some of Joe's "skinny cow" chocolates. Those of course are loaded with sugar. And like clockwork, within an hour I was in pain( in my shoulders).

I just can't get away with eating any significant amount of refined sugar. It will result in pain. Which stinks in a way – but is great in another way. Being punished immediately for eating something unhealthy makes it a lot easier to abstain.

Joe when I got in bed at 11 PM and watch some Netflix for an hour. I slept about 12 hours.

According to the scale, I did not gain (or "release") any weight at all on my trip. I certainly snuck in a little junk food, but I also managed to work in a little exercise.

However the scale never tells all – I have actually gained half an inch here and there on my body. So I've either reclaimed some fat or my body is a bit inflamed. Most likely it's inflamed from the naughty things I ate. Time for a cleanse day! Perhaps tomorrow if all of my supplies show up in time.

The Singing Patient
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