Monday, October 6, 2014

day 12: sleepathon!

Day 12 turned out to be "recover from day 11 day."

Whenever I see people running 5ks or marathons for lupus I think wow- the only way most lupus patients could participate would be if they changed it to a sleepathon. I'd have been a serious contender today.

Of course I do believe it's possible to get well enough to run a marathon (if I wanted to), but I am not there yet- that's for sure!  But I'm working on it. And some days working on getting healthy means doing less.

I had a strange episode when I was 17 where for 3 days I kept falling asleep. On the couch, even behind the wheel. I was getting a normal night's rest, but I just kept falling asleep. After 3 days, it passed, and it never happened again. I will never know what that was about, but that is how I felt today.

My sophomore year of college, I was constantly falling asleep as well. On the couch in one of the classrooms (I think I slept through someone's entire music theory class on that couch), in the hallway with my books under my head. Sometime during my 2nd semester, my piano teacher asked me "We've been wondering- are you on drugs?" What?! We?!? The whole faculty is sitting around gossiping about me? I was, I'm sure, visibly shocked and offended, and assured him that was not the case. So then he suggested I get some multivitamins.

I had my wisdom teeth extracted right before that fall semester I don't think I've ever recovered from it. I've never been quite the same since. So once I'm feeling stronger, I'm going to look into possibly getting those pockets looked into and maybe filled in (where my wisdom used be). But no oral surgery right now. Right now, building health.

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