Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lupus and sleep

Does lupus cause extreme need for sleep?

{This was so succinct I did not know whether they were asking on their own behalf and they were just too tired to type anything further... or whether they had a friend or relative show sleeps a lot and they were either concerned or suspicious. So I answered it assuming they were asking on their own behalf.}.

Thanks for your question.
Yes lupus causes fatigue, sometimes extreme fatigue, and definitely requires that you get plenty of sleep, more sleep than you normally would, especially when the lupus is "flared up" (really active).

If you can get the lupus under control, you may not need quite the large amounts of sleep you do when you're flared up. But it is very important to get as much sleep as you need when you have lupus.

Allow me to also point out there is a trap of sleeping to avoid things, because you're depressed. Only you can really know when you've crossed the line between taking care of yourself and avoiding life.

(Thoughts on sleep, anyone? Comment below!)

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