Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In case you didn't believe me...

... when I said I would do *anything* to get better.
Just when you think you've done it all: acupuncture, bodytalk, lympahtic massage, regular massage, physical therapy, chelation therapy, biological dentistry, craniosacral therapy, psychotherapy, bioelectronic feedback, coffee enemas, gluten-free diet, vegan diet, candida diet, no artificial sweeteners, journalling, career change... I am nothing if not willing! And most of it has made a difference.

I just had my rheumatologist appointment Monday. I was pleased to see my blood pressure is back to its old self, 90/60, with the meds, so i'm hoping now I can look towards getting off the meds. We're cutting the dose from 60mg to 30mg, and I will monitor my BP daily to make sure it stays in the normal range.

So that's great news, but what I was really annoyed by was hte fact that my inflammation (sed rate) is even higher than it was last time. it's at 84 now, which is extremely high. It's been as high as 120, but when it's that high I'm in constant pain, all over my body. Normal range is below 20. I'm on a gluten-free vegan diet now, and no MSG or artificial sweeteners, so I don't think it's my diet. It's probably my brain/ emotions/ level of stress causing me to produce too much cortisol, increasing my inflammation. SInce those things are habits that I will need help breaking (I'm working on that; reading a book about it. I will post all about that when I finish it). .. Anyway, the only quick and relatively easy (simple anyway, if not easy) radical change I can make is to go on a liquid fast for a week. I feel I really need to give my body a rest from digestion. I've got high quality allergen-free vegan food powder and rice milk. I'll keep you posted.
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