Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Lupus ebook

Hey friends
In my never-ending quest for better answers (better than drugs, side effects, more drugs, more side effects, ad nauseum and add nausea), I just purchased another ebook claiming to have some ideas of where lupus comes from and how we can get rid of it.

It was overpriced and didn't tell me anything i hadn't heard before, but it did remind fo some things I'd forgotten, and it did introduce me to a really neat idea for how to "brainwash" myself into achieving my goals, both health and otherwise.

Now the guy who wrote this thing is not a doctor, and does not have nor did he ever have lupus. And all his info was gleaned from 500+ websites and other people's e books, and listening to Tony Robbins. So there's your pretty big grain of salt. But hey, it's worth $47 to have someone sift through 500 websites and give me the summation.

He claims that most fo the diseases that are rampant in our society are lifestyle-caused. Caused by what we eat, mroe than anything. Despite the fact that this goes against what we're told by our doctors and by all those commercials for drugs on TV, this is not that radical of an idea, and lines up with everything I read in Eat To Live, which was written by an actual doctor who actually read 2000 medical studies.

In short, this author's (Mark Anastasi's) approach to ridding yourself of lupus (and pretty much any disease is this:
1) read his e book (I consider that optional, unless you don't know anything about lupus and have never heard the idea that poor diet and an acidic environment in your body cause disease)
2) do a detox (pick a program and follow it, probably best to be supervised)
3) take supergreens
4) take glyconutrients
5) buy his subliminal power software, which flashes positive subliminal messages randomly on your comptuer screen (you write the messages). this program is $39 (I am not paid to endorse this)

For me, it was a reminder about supergreens, the first time I'd heard about taking glyconutrients as a supplement (as opposed to just eating more fruits and vegetables), and an introduction to an interesting software program, which I might buy. After I recover from spending $47 on his book.

I had getting some contradictory information that disease thrives in acidic environments and yeast thrives in alkaline. It seems it may be possible, to have both acidic and alkaline conditions in one body; different systems can have different pH.

Found some good answers on pH here:
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