Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smoothies- good for you?

In an attempt to get more fruit into my diet, I've been making lots of smoothies at home. I know what goes into them when I make them: fruit, ice, and a little rice milk. That's it.
Well, America, do not assume that is what goes into a smoothie at the mall. All smoothies are not created equal. Your mileage will most definitely vary. I was on a long trip, searching daily for something to eat that wasn't bad for me. The Luna bars in my suitcase were the healthiest things I had for 10 days. I went to many places looking for smoothies and nearly all of them were made of 8 ounces of sugar water, some ice, and a few berries. That is not health food. It is one step above Kool-Aid.

I have, however, found 2 chains that serve real honest-to-God smoothies: no added sugar, no corn syrup, just fruit and ice, maybe yogurt if you want it.
They are:
Jamba Juice
Smoothie King

If you're not sure what's in it, ask. Is there anything in it besides fruit and ice? Do you put water in it? If they hold up a gallon jug that looks like tea, that's the 8 ounces of sugar water that has no nutritional value whatsoever. Save yourself $7 and have a candy bar. It's about as (un)healthy. Or look around for a Jamba Juice or Smoothie King.
I am not connected to or paid by either company. Just sharing what I'm learning, in my effort to find good food.
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