Wednesday, July 15, 2009

finding a good doctor

One of my friends just asked me how you find a good doctor.

First, i'd suggest checking out a DO (osteopath). they have all the training of an MD but they don't go through the "hazing" of internship, so they're still human. they also are more open to alternative medicine and self-care, not just ramming pills down your throat and sending you for a million tests.

Many M.D.s started out kind, curious and idealistic. then the system squashed and dehumanized them (ever see the movie patch adams?) so that, as in every cycle of abuse, they pass it on- to us, the patients, the vulnerable powerless group. the only cure is love, to love them even tho they are wrong.

Sometimes i feel singled out. even tho i know they treat everyone that rudely, somehow that doesn't make me feel any better knowing.

If you are stuck with the doc you have you can always try to make him/ her more human. Suggestions from bernie seigel and patch adams (both doctors) about how to get better care form your doc include hugging your doctor, looking at them compassionately, bringing them cookies or some other token of friendship, or act as you would if you were trying to get someone to like you.

it's ridiculous, but we as patients have to give the lvoe first if we want ot get it. being a dr right now really sucks
the pressure they are under and the BS they have ot deal with sucks the joy right out of their calling. it's no excuse for being rude or abusive, but it does help to remember that when dealing with someone who is only marginally offensive

you may find you like a cash-only doctor. Find one at one of these websites:

ultimately, the best thing is word of mouth- ask around to people who live near you for someone who is still human.
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