Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just signed up to take a class at the PIT (horrible sounding name! but it stands for People's Improv Theater). It's a class on writing one-(wo)man shows. I've had this yen for bout 5 years now, and keep trying to squash that little voice. But I'm going to go take the class, because if you don't learn anything else from having a stroke and kidney failure, you learn that you only live once. And I'm in good enough shape to get over my New-York-city-o-phobia to go take the class. 9 times.

I remember seeing Dead Poet's Society (movie) shortly after recovering from my first horrible bout with the big L. Thats was 15 years ago, but I remember Carpe Diem! Seize the day! And that the main character killed himself because his father would not allow him to pursue his dreams.

In Bernie Seigel's book, Love Medicine and Miracles, he asks all his patients what their lives were like for the one year before they got sick. In my life, I had squashed myself down into a life I hated- a job I hated, a church where I didn't fit in in a town I didn't like, and living in a trailer park where one of my neighbors broke in on my just a week after I moved in. While I was there. Sleeping. (He's in jail, last I knew). Is this a recipe for health? (That's rhetorical). My family moved me back home to my hometown. I got a fresh start. When I started to regain my strength, I decided to rebuild my life from scratch, but on purpose this time, architecting a life that was worth living.

Will that save me from ever getting sick again? No. But my life is worth living now.

I've bought about 6 copies of this book over the years. it was life-changing for me:

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