Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where in the World is Carla?

Hey everybody!
I haven't posted for a while, as my focus has been completely on my new project: writing a book!

i got a book deal with a small press right after my last post (Fixodent and forget it). The book is set to come out in june. i imagine it'll be a paperback and a reasonable price. that's what i'm shooting for anyhow.

it's a book of humorous essays on illness, hospitals, doctors, drugs, and getting better. the book has some of the same topics as the blog, but it's going to be far more organized. and it won't have nearly as many typos and run-on sentences as my blog. but i promise to keep it sassy.

it's due this week!
i may be just a little late on the deadline because i have to just have the sense to stop when i'm exhausted. no need to create another volume of hospital stories by having another escapade with lupus. i don't deserve that much fun ;)
besides, after 3 times around with this thing, i think i have enough hospital horror stories.

i'll be tapping away on ym computer tonight, tomorrow, and beyond.
meanwhile, i've gone back to doing a little guitar teaching to keep some money coming in. i'm good at it, i enjoy it, and i'm glad to be back to it. i stopped when i moved to new jersey (you lose your students when you move...) and i just spent all my time on the road performing, which is a good way to run down you health.

if any of you have XM radio, check out all the great programs on the Oprah channel, XM 156. wow. so inspiring. i listen jsut about every day, usually to Dr Oz's show. if he were my doctor, i'd have a much higher opinion of the medical community.

well i better sign off for now. just wanted to jot something here so you'd know that no news was good news. i'm well, i'm taking my pills and vitamins, i'm going to the gym, and life is good!
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