Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did I mention I love acupuncture?

Fiends and family know NOTHING about autoimmune disease if they tell you to exercise through the fatigue! That can make things worse!!! that is dumb advice. It shows the lack of understanding of what happens when your body goes autoimmune. Often the things that are good for you- vigorous exercise, immune stimulants, sunshine- are actually quite harmful when you're in the midst of an active autoimmune disorder.

i will tell you this- i've had lupus since 1992, and i feel my best when i get acupuncture. when i'm in an active lupus flare, i get acupuncture once a week. i can back off to every month when i'm stable. it boosts my energy, helps me sleep, reduces headaches, and helped me heal from the stroke. I also take medications, but the acupuncture also helps me reduce the doses.

Not all acupuncturists are the same. Go after one who is trained in both acupuncture and herbs (you probably don't want the herbs but you do want someone who has the extra training), and ask around for a recommendation, like you would for a mechanic. Plug in your zip code here and search:

i've had this thing for 16 years so i've tried a lot of things- chelation, bodytalk, electronic biofeedback, lymphatic massage, herbs, vitamins, dental procedures... i swear by acupunture. that and diet modification. google "anti-inflammatory diet." generally, you want to eat as lowfat and vegan (no animal products) as possible, also avoiding processed sugar and junk food, such as sodas, esp. diet soda.

when i was off sugar and on acupuncture for 18 months, i felt like me again. i really gotta kick sugar again... meanwhile though i am getting acupuncture and i do chi gong in between visits, something easy, simple, and free i can do at home in any weather that only take 15 minutes a day.
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