Friday, April 4, 2008

i hate the needles. it doesn't matter how many times i get my blood taken, or an IV put in, or chelation or chemo, i never get used to it.
I have this theory now that a little controlled bloodletting under these conditions may actually be good for me. one of the many theories i've read recently about what may exacerbate or trigger lupus is the overabundance of dead cells, and our not being able to clear them. so our immune system goes nuts attacking them. these cells are killed off at a faster than normal rate by things such as harsh sunburns, toxins, pollutants and in particular aspartame (nutrasweet, there goes the diet coke, people!)
so when i get my blood taken i think "there's a chance for my body to make some fresh new blood"
it doesn't make the needle hurt any less but it does make me feel better about having to go through it.

And then when i fall off the wagon and start drinking diet coke again, which seems to happen when i travel, the universe takes care of me by send in me an e mail article from one of the health newsletters i receive about "excitotoxins" (a.k.a. neurotoxins) and how they cause *cell death.* For some reason, the term "cell death" really speaks to me right now, so I say "OK" and i throw the remaining diet coke down the drain and get back to drinking something from nature, like tea or water.

Funny how when you talk about toxins a lot of people still laugh and think you're some kind of paranoid nut. Because they've bought into the idea that Drs buy into, which is that all disease is caused by germs/ viruses or genetics. that kind of thinking abdicates all personal responsibility for our own actions, including diet, exercise, stress management, personal relationships, life balance, getting enough rest, eating real food and drinking plenty of clean water, not chain smoking (which BTW causes COPD more than it does lung cancer, and only a fraction of folks with lung cancer are smokers), not holding a cell phone to our head all day long (now linked to brain tumors), and maintaining a social and a spiritual life.

If you read the pamphlets from your pharmacist when you pick up your drugs you'll see language about toxins and toxicity. In fact, many people get liver toxicity from TYLENOL, which for some reason is the drug of choice in hospitals for pain. Even though I have taken 12 tylenol in the course of a few hours and got no pain relief whatsoever.

Toxins. They are real. They are in our food, air, water, soil, relationships, and especially our pharmaceuticals. We can eliminate them through various means. Our 5 eliminative organs are : kidney colon liver lungs and spleen. Which is why some detox programs include coffee enemas or colonics (Colon), water fasting (kidney), poutices (liver/ spleen), and deep breathing (lungs). When I was in kidney failure and had pleurisy (limited lung capacity), I detoxed using enemas and baths, which involed organs (colon adn skin) that as far as I knew were not in danger of failing. I also now use foot detox pads.

for whatever reason, people with SLE are not supposed to use saunas; nor are people with high blood pressure. Saunas or very popular in some countries,a dn a wonderful refreshing way to detox.

A word about high-fiber diets- switching too suddenly to high-fiber can be tough on your colon, and even cause little tears, which can leak toxins into your body. So work with a health professional if you can, in order to decide which detox path is right for you.
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