Friday, April 11, 2008

hoo boy people can be judgmental

wow. so i was reading a blog by an woman who calls herself "possummama." SHe has lupu and happens to be an atheist. SOmeone who calls themself "savedinchrist" chimed in with all kind of "Christian" hate. savedinchrist is a real piece of work. and i gotta say, while I don't understand atheism, I have had atheist friends, and they were far more interesting to talk to (and far less judgmental) than S-I-C (a perfect acronym for someone who can't spell).

Why do people lash out at others the way SIC does?
I can tell you. I have been there. i am a CHristian, and left the fundamentalist church I was in when they all but threw me out because I developed lupus and could not be healed by faith. they kept telling me things like I must have sin in my life and that's why I'm sick, or my faith was failing and that's why I wasn't healed. or i was doing god's work so the devil was attacking me. (uh, pick one they can't all be true).

And what about St Paul who suffered some sort of chronic illness (A "thorn in the side") and asked ot be healed but was not? does this mean he was not a "good enough" person?

the reason people act this way is simple: self-centered fear. they figure if they live their life "perfectly" (by always being at church and trying to recruit everyone else to be exactly like them) then nothing bad will happen to them. they can convince themselves that you have lupus because you're an atheist.

I am not an atheist and I and at least 1 million other americans have lupus. we have an autoimmune epidemic going on, which i believe is caused by pollution of our environment and crap being put in our food supply, much of which we dont' even know about.

i believe we can acheieve better health and wholeness through some form ofspiritual practice, whether it be meditating, yoga, gardening, journalling, as well as seeking out alterntive medicine. yes i do believe prayer can work. but if you are not a believer, there are other things that can work.

and thinking you're goign to win anyone over to your way of thinking by attacking them is just dumb.
"Christian" means "little Christ"
SIC, do you really think you are acting like Christ? what would jesus do?
would he only help those who already believed?
clearly not (read the gospels).
would he blame people for their illnesses? no.
would he give someone a meal and a blanket or just say "be ye warmed and filled" (also in the bible)
would he say to someone whose exposure to the sun makes them very ill (and this is real, I have lupus too) "you spent a minute in the sun taking a picutre, so you're a sham"
thinkin about it. where's the love that was showered on you, SIC, that was so generously poured out on you when Christ died on the cross, just as much for your sins as anyone else's?
and don't think you are without sin just because you believe. You are only forgiven, not perfect.
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